Our focus areas

The work of The Energy Service is organized around specific campaigns and the following four focus areas:

  • Private Energy Service
  • The Schools’ Energy Forum
  • Energy Service for the Construction Sector
  • Green Diplomas
  • Municipalities

Private Energy Service

The Energy Service provides free advice on questions concerning energy conservation, sustainable energy production and energy saving technologies. Our free advice and information is obtained through open telephones and our national website - www.energitjenesten.dk.

The Schools’ Energy Forum

The Schools’ Energy Forum organizes activities for educational institutions and provides knowledge and educational materials on the environment, energy and energy conservation. The aim is to provide exciting educational materials easily accessible for teachers.

Courses for the Construction Sector

For the construction sector we focus on offering courses, mainly for the small and medium sized enterprises, in areas such as sales and installations of energy optimized solutions.

Green Diplomas

Green Diplomas covers a range of environmental certifications aimed at various institutions, shops and offices. Specific criteria for obtaining a Green Diploma has been developed in areas such as electricity consumption, water consumption, heat consumption, green purchases, green sales, waste, and transport.

Cooperation with municipalities

Energy service is an excellent choice as a partner for the Danish municipalities to initiate energy savings. We offer customized consultancy about energy savings and sustainable energy for citizens, schools, kindergarten and businesspartners.

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